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How JSSPs work in ACC (Dynamic JavaScript Server Page)

We can create server-generated pages in ACC. Here are some info about it. It will result in pages with the .jssp extension.

Create your first OVH cloud project IaaS

Simple VPS provisionning with basic LAMP server via OVH Manager and OVH Public Cloud. We will go through the whole process: creating the instance, configuring it, connecting via SSH...

Get the content of your serverConf.xml in Adobe Campaign

serverConf.xml holds a lot of information concerning the configuration of your instance. But there’s no direct access from the console. You can read and dump its content using Linux commands...

Use Javascript libraries in Adobe Campaign (MomentJS, Lodash..)

Ever wanted to use MomentJS or Lodash in your JS scripts? It’s easy to include them via a CDN for client-side web apps, but it can get tricky to get...

Module Login as customer in Prestashop 1.6, 1.7

With this module, as an admin you are now able to login as a customer in order to make orders, payments and edits to his profile. Source code included, open...

Adobe Campaign input Form helper

Curated list of XML codes example for your input form in Adobe Campaign 7 with actual business cases.

Text file splitter JS (Adobe Campaign)

Splits a text file into multiple chunks based on number of occurences found (e.g. split an XML file every 50 ), with configurable prefix (e.g. ) and suffix (e.g. ).


Use queryDef and NLWS, the Database toolkits in Adobe Campaign (SQL/JSON/XML)

Use quick and reliable Adobe Campaign methods such as NLWS.nmsDelivery.load("12435"), NLWS.nmsRecipient.create({ firstName:"John" }) and build complex XML E4X queries to go in details!

Modern web development in Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign documentation is great to build 2-3 web apps. But it’s absolutely not scalable in case you need to develop 25-30 web apps with a lot of assets (CSS,...