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Linux training with overthewire [Part 1/10: Bandit 1-10]

Train your Linux skills with the excellent OverTheWire wargames.


The concept is to connect to a server through SSH and find out a password or a way...

Use Node-RED for automation

We’ll cover a simple example of sending a slack message every morning to get the day weather’s forecast: min-max temp and an emoji depicting what the sky will be like,...

Migrate from Wordpress to Jekyll [Part 1/2]

This post is the part 1 of the tutorial collection on how to migrate from Wordpress to Jekyll.


Create a Search in Jekyll [Part 2/2]

This post is the part 2 of the tutorial collection on how to migrate from Wordpress to Jekyll.


Git commit naming

Commits are prefixed

Use the following prefixes:

  • + for a new feature
  • * for an improvement of an existing feature
  • ! for a fix

How JSSPs work in ACC (Dynamic JavaScript Server Page)

We can create server-generated pages in ACC. Here are some info about it. It will result in pages with the .jssp extension.

Create your first OVH cloud project IaaS

Simple VPS provisionning with basic LAMP server via OVH Manager and OVH Public Cloud. We will go through the whole process: creating the instance, configuring it, connecting via SSH...

Get the content of your serverConf.xml in Adobe Campaign

serverConf.xml holds a lot of information concerning the configuration of your instance. But there’s no direct access from the console. You can read and dump its content using Linux commands...