• Input Data: data from source: File, SQL (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL), Adobe Analytics, Amazon (S3, Redshift, Aurora), Microsoft (Datalake, Data warehouse, Azure db, Onedrive, Sharepoint), google (big query, sheets, analytics), Salesforce, SAP Hana
  • Directory: files from local directory
  • Text Input: raw input by user


  • Browse: instant debug data+metadata, column completion, etc
  • Output Data: output CSV/TSV/JSON/Excel xlsx/Access/Amazon/BigQuery/Qlik View/Tableau/… file

Data preparation

  • Select: Set column type (bool, varchar, date, time, datetime, int, float), column name and size
  • Formula: Update existing columns and/or create new columns with formula. Functions include Substring, Mathematics operations, Conditional if then elseif then else then, File, min/max…
  • Filter: Filter based on simple criteria (X equal/does not equal/contains/does not contain/null/empty/after/before) or complex with formula. Includes 2 out transitions: True for rows matching criteria, and False for others


  • Summarize: for GROUP BY equivalent with aggregate on column: group by/min/max/first/last/sum/count/…

Business Case

1 Sales input file to:

  • 1 Sale Header (Tickets) file
  • 1 Sale Items (Lines) file

Using Input Data, Select, Filter, Browse, Summarize, and Output Data