After many years of contribution to the Adobe Cloud ecosystem, especially Adobe Campaign, I’ve been nominated and certified as an “Adobe Community Advisor” at LVMH for 2021 and 2022! Read more to know about the Adobe Influencer Swag!


Adobe Community Advisor 2021 announcement

Adobe announced on September 2, 2021 the public list of the 80 official Adobe Advisors in a post on their own blog.

The Adobe Experience League has been created to promote sharing between Experts, Beginners, End-Users & Admins for Adobe Experience Cloud Products. It’s a common place where one can find Help, Training and Community on Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics (to name a few..).

I’ve helped many Business & Personal customers in any way I could during the past years for the CRM Product Adobe Campaign. Get to know more about Adobe Campaign on this blog!

After many posts, answers & ideas, my profile is now listed among Advisors from different Tech Companies such as Expedia, Vimeo and Capegemini:

Florian Courgey at LVMH as a 2021 Adobe Community Advisors

Source: Adobe blog: Introducing the 2021 Adobe Community Advisors

I’m also featured on the Experience League Community Advisors Page on Paris/New York Location across EMEA:

Florian Courgey in EMEA on Experience League

Source: Adobe Experience: Welcome to the Community Advisors Program

Previous Adobe MVP 2020 Nomination

This 2021 “Adobe Community Advisor” Nomination follows the 2020 Nomination as an “Adobe MVP” with a dedicated blog post on the Experience League.

The 2021 Announcement as Adobe MVP

Source: Adobe Experience: (Announcement) Meet our new talented Adobe Experience League MVPs from Campaign Community (September 2020)

Influencer Swag

Part of this exciting new role is the Status of a true Digital Influencer! I was so surprised to receive my Adobe Certificate along with a Nordace Siena backpack and an engraved Water Bottle from Elemental!

Adobe Community Swag parcel from Portland, US

Closeup on the Elemental engraved bottle

Closeup on the Nordace backpack details

The Nordace backpack with its charging port to a Macbook

Yes, it has been shipped directly to my mailbox

Big Thanks to the Adobe Community & Staff!

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