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Allow xtk:sessionionfo for administrators on Adobe Campaign

Access to records of xtk:sessionInfo without the internal account by creating a schema extension.


Nextcloud on your own VPS with Plesk OVH

Excerpt here…


Version control your Adobe Campaign instance (Git & backup)

Using a data package definition and a dead simple scheduled workflow to export it daily, we can simulate a version...

Monitor paused Workflows on Adobe Campaign

Send a daily alert if some of your critical workflows are not running (status is paused, failed, restart required..).

Create visitor from a web app event (Refer to a friend)

Say you have a form to recruit prospects, in which they would fill in some personnal information such as Name...

"for" loop as a worklow in Adobe Campaign

You need to execute the same workflow multiple times with just 1 changing parameters? You need to go through a...

Recompute delivery statistics in Adobe Campaign

When working with external agencies, the broad logs are updated after a while. From the ACC client, it’s possible to...

Adobe Campaign helpers

Javascript helpers for JSSP, Javascript in workflows and JST in Adobe Campaign, grouped by domains such as SQL, Linux, FTP...