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Create Raw data in workflow Temporary table on Adobe Campaign

Insert raw data from any source (csv, xml, http web calls…) to a workflow temp table for custom treatment!

Salesforce Apex Cheatsheet

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Salesforce Service Cloud Acquisition Page to create Contacts & Accounts

Use a custom Salesforce Visualforce Page & Apex Controller for public web page data collect!

Bulk update Scriptable Objects from CSV/JSON in Unity via C# code

Got a database as CSV or JSON file and you would like to use it to update Scriptable Objects in bulk? Check this out!

Bulk slice Sprites in Unity via C# code

Update and Slice all your Sprite Assets at once with InternalSpriteUtility.GenerateGridSpriteRectangles and AssetDatabase.ImportAsset in Unity3D!

macOS General Setup & Recommendations

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elementaryOS setup

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Send Message Center realtime emails from Workflows! (Javascript)

From a workflow in Classic instance A, send a SOAP message to Message Center instance B.