Deploy instantly and for free an instance of NodeRed v2 for daily use and various automations!


Deploy on Heroku in 1 click

Use the following button to 1-click deploy an instance on heroku:

Which will open the following screen:


Choose an App Name, use a strong password for the NODE_RED_PASSWORD value and hit Deploy App.

You can now freely access


When logged in, hit the Menu button to check the 2.0.5 version:


Add new Nodes to the Palette

Node-Red modules may be added via the Menu>Manage Palette link from the (Node Library)[]:


Add Javascript libraries for the Function node

Example for the lodash library (npm link).

  • Fork the root project Fork floriancourgey/node-red-heroku
  • Edit package.json by adding lodash to dependencies:
    "dependencies": {
      "lodash": "~4.x"
  • Deploy to heroku
  • Once in Node-Red editor, open the function node>Setup>Modules
  • Module Name=lodashand Import as=_ todo
  • Use it in On Message:
    msg.payload = _.lowerCase(msg.payload);

Voilà !