Got a database as CSV or JSON file and you would like to use it to update Scriptable Objects in bulk? Check this out!


Parse CSV

File pre-requirements

  • Must be located in Assets/Resources/myfolder
  • Mus have an extension in txt,html,htm,xml,bytes,json,csv,yaml,fnt. Note: tsvis not supported. (


  • TextAsset
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq; // for Cast()

public class UnityTools : MonoBehaviour {
    [MenuItem("Tools/FCO/Compute Characters")]
    static void ComputeCharacters(){
        Debug.Log("ComputeCharacters: start");
        TextAsset asset = Resources.Load<TextAsset>("myfolder/db_characters"); // no extension
        string[] lines = asset.text.Split('\n'); // line separator, i.e. newline
        lines = lines.Skip(1).Take(lines.Length-1 - 1).ToArray(); // remove header and last empty line
        foreach (string line in lines){
            string[] cols = line.Split('\t'); // column separator, i.e. tabulation
            Debug.Log("col0: "+col[0]); // will display first column for each line

Update Scriptable Object

Pre requirements

  • Scriptable Objects must be located in Assets/Resources/myfolder2
Skill[] skills = Resources.LoadAll("myfolder2", typeof(Skill)).Cast<Skill>().ToArray(); // load all "Skill" Scriptable Objects
foreach(Skill skill in skills){ = id; // update any field
  skill.slots = new List<string>{"a", "b"}; // even List
  EditorUtility.SetDirty(skill); // flag SO as dirty
Debug.Log("ComputeCharacters: saving db");
AssetDatabase.SaveAssets(); // save assets to disk
AssetDatabase.Refresh(); // refresh editor
Debug.Log("ComputeCharacters: end");