The Adobe Console Client communicates with the Adobe Application Server with SOAP calls only. As the SOAP protocol relies on HTTP/HTTPS, we’re able to intercept requests & responses via Fiddler.



  • Get Fiddler from
  • Say your instance URL is
  • Create a new Connection named Fiddler with the instance URL set to https://myinstance
  • Open Fiddler, got to Rule > Customize Rules, it will open the Fiddler Script Editor
  • Look for static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session){
  • Add the following code, just after the opening curly bracket {:
    static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session){
    if (oSession.HostnameIs("MYINSTANCE")) { = ""; // use 80 for HTTP, 443 for HTTPS or 8080 for Tomcat
    // rest of the code
  • Enable HTTPS in Fiddler in Tools > Fiddler Options > HTTPS > Decrypt HTTPS


Browse to different folders, workflows or schemas from your console, and check Fiddler: