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Version control your Adobe Campaign instance (Git & backup)

Using a data package definition and a dead simple scheduled workflow to export it daily, we can simulate a version control on Adobe Campaign Classic.

Monitor paused Workflows on Adobe Campaign

Send a daily alert if some of your critical workflows are not running (status is paused, failed, restart required..).

Create visitor from a web app event (Refer to a friend)

Say you have a form to recruit prospects, in which they would fill in some personnal information such as Name and Email. It would be nice to have some other...

"for" loop as a worklow in Adobe Campaign

You need to execute the same workflow multiple times with just 1 changing parameters? You need to go through a list of values and process them step by step? Then...

Recompute delivery statistics in Adobe Campaign

When working with external agencies, the broad logs are updated after a while. From the ACC client, it’s possible to recompute the delivery stats, but here’s how to update it...

Adobe Campaign Javascript helpers for Workflows

Javascript helpers for JSSP, Javascript in workflows and JST in Adobe Campaign, grouped by domains such as SQL, Linux, FTP or Currency.