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Analyze Adobe Campaign SOAP requests with Fiddler

The Adobe Console Client communicates with the Adobe Application Server with SOAP calls only. As the SOAP protocol relies on HTTP/HTTPS, we’re able to intercept requests & responses via Fiddler.


Install Adobe Campaign locally on Virtualbox

Install Adobe Campaign on any computer locally on a VM to set up your own development environment. Plus, access to any VM feature such as snapshots and duplication. This dev...

Django Python web server overview

While Django was created in 2005 by a newspaper web team, it is now a generic web development framework used by Big sites such as Instagram, Pinterest or BitBucket. Let’s...

Crack & Hack cheatsheet

Cheatsheet for various unix tools such as metasploit framework, enumeration, nmap, radare2 and volatility.


  1. Metasploit Framework
  2. Network scanning with nmap
  3. ...

Javascript File Splitter

Javascript File Splitter compatible with Adobe Campaign 7.

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