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JavaFX installation for Windows & MacOS

Since Java 11, JavaFX is not included in the JDK anymore. Here’s how to download it and set it up on both Windows & MacOS!

Powershell API calls: Best Practices

Powershell script for API call (REST), Environments management, Exception catching, foreach loop and write to file

Tracking links detection & formula with targetData in Adobe Campaign (+ UTM codes!)

How to track your HTML links in an Adobe Campaign delivery when they are generated from upstream data targetData?


Sync Adobe Campaign to Git every hour and track Schemas, Forms & more!

Set up a small software in a VM (or your own PC) to backup your Adobe instances (dev & prod) to your Git repos!


Generate and use SSH key pair (private & public) on Adobe Campaign

In order to connect to external SFTP, you might need a couple of private & public keys, instead of the less secure login+password alternative. Here’s how to create a new...

Google Shopping products import into Adobe Campaign

Create a custom table to store products from Google Shopping to target recipient based on shopping behavior and send marketing communications with Product data such as Image, Title and Price!